DIY Wall Hanging shelves

DIY Wall Hanging Shelves

This DIY project is very simple and can just take you like 15 minutes to complete it. The results are incredible and make a big impact on your space.

1.Rope Cord
3.Metal Rings
4.Wooden Bars

Cut the boards to your desired size, “12”. Drill two holes on opposite ends of the boards.Measure the distance and make sure they are exact same size.

Cut two pieces of rope to the size that you want. Fold the two pieces in half,and place the folded end underneath the metal ring.

Pull the folded end over the metal ring,then pull the rest of the rope up and through the loop.

Pull the rope create a knot around the metal ring.

Make sure you separate the strands to pull each through one of the drill holes. Repeat the same on the other side.

Tie knots at the end of each piece of rope and trim the excess rope.

Hang your shelves and you can accessories it by placing picture frames or beautiful flower vase. Let me know when you try out this Diy project and if successful share with us pictures of the wall hanging shelves.

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