Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

Today I will be sharing some ideas on how you can still have your dream wedding without draining your bank account 💰. I chose to go with the ‘Rustic Themed Wedding.
Out door weddings are my favorite. At the entrance of the wedding venue you can decide to put a simple ‘DIY Rustic Floral Pergola.’

Create your own ‘Photo Booth’ at the reception. You can do this by personolising the backdrop using affordable product. The photographer or any one who wishes to take adorable pictures with their phones/iPads can do so in there.

Center Pieces are one of the most important part of the wedding deco. With your Rustic theme you can create simple crafts using white lanterns and some flowers. Or else spray paint wine bottles with Gold.

Last but not least decorate the seats using a colored gossamer fabric and a simple bow. You can to create a personalized ‘MailBox Card Box where your guests can drop off their cards.

I hope you enjoyed the read and picked up a few things.👫

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